Our integrated hospital information management software is a web based system which has been designed to handle every aspect of a hospital's activities and run all necessary reports for the efficient running of the hospital. Reporting interfaces have also been included to handle all the standard reporting requirements to the Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service, NHIA, Donors, WHO etc. The system is also flexible enough to generate any additional report that is unique to any hospital.

Key System Features

Web-based (Local Intranet)

Electronic Medical Records

Lab Analyzer Data link


ICD 10


Bar Code

Email Alerts

SMS Alerts

e-Claims (NHIS)

Other Claims

Underlying Technology

It is a network-based application with a central server through which all users are connected. The main features are outline below:

Microsoft Windows 2012 Server

Windows operating system from Microsoft with very robust and high capacity network features. It can be upgraded to newer version.

Microsoft Internet Information Server 7.0

In order for users to access the application a server is needed to administer the features in the software. Internet Information Server 7.0 (IIS 7.0) is the latest Microsoft web server. It can handle more than 10,000 users connected to it at the same time. It is fast and reliable.

SQL Server 2012

Data is generated by all information systems. These data must be stored in a safe place for fast and accurate access. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is one such reliable database. It is widely used across the world. It has:

  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Rich features to ensure data security and accuracy.•
Secure Socket Layer Technology (256Bit SSL)

In any networked environment where many computer systems are interconnected, there is great need for security and encryption. Hospitals will have a lot of data on patients and its own financial and operational information. To secure this information from unauthorized access and use, the globally used SSL technology will be deployed. This will ensure only authorized users can access the Hospital’s information.

Active Server Pages (ASP/Asp.NET Technology)

Active Server Page is a computer programming language that allows users to access information on the server on which it is deployed. It executes it command on the server and sends the results back to the user who requested it. This technology is from Microsoft and very robust. It allows the software to be installed only on the server. Other computer programming languages require that installation be done on each user’s computer before they can use the system. This makes for very cumbersome and complicated maintenance and support regime. Every software upgrade will require that you go to each user to uninstall the old one and install the new upgrade. This technology is being used by the British National Health Service [NHS]. With its numerous health centres and facilities, this one-point deployment feature is well suited.

Well-designed and integrated Software

The software is well designed with industry-wide recognized standards and practices. It is object-oriented and structured. This makes for good maintenance and support. Intuitive user interfaces & comprehensive reports are used to present the underlying data to the user.

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