Ghana Integrated Tax Management and Information System (GITMIS) is an end-to-end Enterprise application developed to manage tax administration for the Ghana Revenue Authority.

GITMIS is a very capable Tax Information Management System that captures all aspects of Tax Administration in Ghana. It is basically a management and decision support system.

The focus of GITMIS 3 is to determine or predict the Tax Compliance of taxpayers in a more targeted manner using the easily accessible data. As no efficient tax management system works in isolation GITMIS 3 is designed and developed with integration and interoperability as one of the core considerations, and thus is integration-ready.

Efficiency of Tax Administration boils down, among others, to Compliance as it is un common for anyone to walk willingly into a tax office to pay tax. Integration of Tax Management System to other monetary and business sectors is key in ensuring effective monitoring and broadening of the tax net. The greater the integration with other relevant systems the better the quality of data for computing compliance, the lesser the tax loopholes and hence the wider and deeper the tax net.

The interoperability of GITMIS 3 coupled with integration of tax payers’ geographical location makes it easier to rope in the informal sector into the tax net. This has been an issue with tax administration in much of the developing world. GITMIS 3 seeks to address this.

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