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Spagad Technologies Limited

Spagad Technologies Limited was formed in 2007. Spagad is a fully Ghanaian custom software development company with a wide range of experience in software development and implementation.

We build custom software for our clients that meets their needs perfectly. Some of our services include:

Hospital Management System

Tax Management System

Custom Software Management

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Explore our specialized software in Hospital Management, Tax Management, and Custom Software solutions.

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Top-tier products, setting standards in quality and functionality for ultimate satisfaction.

Our integrated hospital information management software is a web based system which has been designed to handle every aspect of a hospital’s activities


Ghana Integrated Tax Management and Information System (GITMIS) is an end-to-end Enterprise application developed to manage tax administration for the Ghana Revenue Authority.

Our Services

Exceptional services, tailored to perfection for your needs and satisfaction.

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